TAXI Jakobstad


Taxi Jakobstad 24 hours a day – Always at your service

TAXI in Jakobstad has committed to always have cars in service. 24 hours a day, every day throughout the year, there are cars on duty in the neighborhood. In busy times for example during holidays it’s always recommended to pre-order a taxi to avoid any wait.

Pre-order taxi to the airport or train

At an early flighttaxi-departure to Kronoby or Vasa airfield and morning/eveningtrain from/to Bennäs or Karleby trainstation it is best to pre-order your ride. Just call and order any route you desire.

Service and quality is a leadingstar of ours at
Jakobstad Taxi and we are very carefull with safety in the car.

Call Ula-taxi 01 000 417